Our team is driven by customer satisfaction. 

Elan City is a fast-growing company, expanding at a rate of over 20% per year since its creation in 2005.  Elan City is now the acknowledged world leader in traffic management and urban communication solutions.  

The different departments of the company work together as a cohesive unit: marketing, direct sales (International), indirect sales (management of our network of distributors), sales administration, production, logistics, development, customer service and finance… all committed to customer satisfaction. 

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We firmly believe that customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are both critical elements in the sustainability and growth of our company. 

The dedication and determination of our employees are the driving force behind our innovative approach, ensuring we consistently deliver products and services that exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, reliability, pricing, and delivery times. 

Every single one of our employees has a winning spirit and is committed to serving our customers to the fullest every day! 

E. Landru
Managing Director, Elan City 
E. Landru is the Managing Director of Elan City
E. Landru
Elan City's marketing and sales teams are spread across numerous countries: France, the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK

The marketing and sales teams at Elan City are the primary representatives of our products.  

We value customer feedback and strive to provide the best products and services tailored to their needs while continuously improving our solutions. Our commitment is to assist customers in making informed decisions and providing them with the full benefit of our expertise. We recommend asking yourself these five questions before purchasing a radar speed sign to ensure you make a beneficial choice. 

We aim to provide our clients with the complete advantage of our expertise! 

Product development is the responsibility of the engineering department, from the design phase to industrialization. The objective is to translate an idea into a specification document that will guide the engineers in realizing the product. The industrialization phase aims to manufacture the product reliably, quickly, and cost-effectively. 

Thanks to a proven competence of anticipating supply chain risks, the department is capable of producing within reasonable timelines, despite a challenging global context. This approach guarantees a calm and efficient production! 

The engineering department develops durable and reliable products.
The sales administration ensures reaching 100% customer satisfaction.

Elan City’s sales administration encompasses order management, which involves validating and verifying orders, through to invoicing and delivery to customers. 

The primary mission of the department is to process customer requests to achieve 100% satisfaction. We deliver 94% of our products within 2 days in France and 4 days in Europe. We have decentralized stock in the USA and UK, which also enables very fast delivery. 

At Elan City, our customer support and after-sales service are available for the entire lifespan of our products. Our team is dedicated to a policy of being highly responsive and efficient. We maintain a track record of responding to 95% of support requests within 24 hours.  

We take pride in being readily available for all training or troubleshooting inquiries. 

The customer service responds to 95% of support requests within 24 hours.
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