Helping your community protect its residents by making roads safer.


Make innovative road prevention tools accessible for communities of all sizes.


A team firmly committed to road safety and customer satisfaction.

As the leading expert in traffic management and urban communication solutions since 2005, we have combined our technical experience and our innovative expertise to create versatile and cost-effective traffic management and municipal communication solutions suited for every community.

  • 30,000 devices in operation worldwide
  • 10,000 client communities
  • 50 staff members
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Elan City, Consistently Improving Safety and Awareness alongside Local Authorities

Our mission has always been to offer proactive support and innovative solutions to local authorities through community education and safety measures.
Elan City’s objective is to determine the precise needs and requirements of local authorities in order to construct the most effective and reliable educational radar: robust, reliable, easy to install and use…
Elan City then decided to design its own product with these requirements as the foundation of its vision. Anticipating a growing demand from different types of communities, the company invested in R&D (injection molds, optimized design of electronic cards, test software and production configurations) to industrialize the product while keeping it versatile, qualitative and competitive.

Elan City, Innovation and Expertise at the Heart

Elan City’s teams apply innovative thinking and industry expertise to the latest technological advances in order to constantly expand the company’s range of solutions.

Empowered by their specialties and know-how, Elan City’s engineers have channeled their expertise in LED display technology to develop EVOCITY, the LED information display panel, a real communication tool and a communicative link with residents.

This spirit of innovation means that Elan City is always proactively creating new solutions, one step ahead of the latest challenges faced by our clients. Our products are constantly evolving and adapting to meet client requirements.

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My vision for Elan City is to build a company that is recognized for its commitment and effectiveness with its customers.

We are proud to offer products that have a real impact on the safety of people, putting people at the heart of our approach.

Systematic innovation is the key driver. Encouraging change is a hallmark of Elan City because we are always willing to see innovation as an opportunity.

Eric Cesbron
CEO of Elan City
Eric Cesbron

At Elan City, we design our solutions according to 5 criteria:

  • Our products are ergonomic, easy to install and simple to use
  • We guarantee efficiency, reliability and durability
  • Our prices are competitive while maintaining excellent quality
  • Our teams are your first advisors: advising, implementation…
  • Our products are designed and constantly evolving as part of a continuous improvement process in response to user feedback.

Elan City: An Industrial Production

The manufacturing process is highly industrialized: fully automated SMD electronic assembly line, plastic injection, rotational molding. All our production and logistics processes have been tested, and our subcontractors are ISO 9001 certified.

We have a production capacity of more than 1,000 devices per month, so we can guarantee:

  • Consistent quality even during peak periods
  • Reactivity and respect for delivery deadlines
  • A reduced carbon footprint


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50 countries

Our products are installed in over 50 countries

Keep your community safe!

Choose Elan City – contact us today to request a quote, so we can help you find the right solutions for your community.

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