evolis mobility portable radar speed sign

EVOLIS Mobility: LED Portable Radar Speed Sign


The EVOLIS Mobility portable radar speed sign helps you reduce speed by 25%, no matter the road or highway. Easily transportable with a portable format, this road safety solution was designed to let you change locations seamlessly.

Achieve safer roads with EVOLIS Mobility.  

  • Portable: Change the location of your radar speed sign easily to reach as many drivers as possible. 
  • Exceptional affordability: The streamlined design of our portable radar speed sign offers an affordable solution, for exceptional road safety at lower prices. 
  • Dynamic and LED display: Display speeds with crystal-clear long-range LED messaging to achieve the maximum impact on drivers. 

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EVOLIS Mobility Portable Speed Limit Signs in action

A road safety solution designed for maximum impact: Equipping drivers with a portable radar speed sign system isn’t just a quick fix, it’s a game-changing solution that confronts excessive speeding head-on. Go for a sustainable solution with our version of the 100% autonomous solar-powered radar speed sign.

Make your roads safer than ever with EVOLIS Mobility, the speed sign trusted by 10,000 communities worldwide. 

The EVOLIS Mobility RSS complies with MUTCD standards for digit height, long-distance visibility, flash rate, as well as the size and weight of the casing.


Approved U.S. Government Vendor


MUTCD Compliant
Radar Speed Signs


FCC Certified for U.S. Compliance


Certified Quality System
ISO 9001:2015

Radar Speed Sign specifications

Display Specifications
Traffic Data Analysis
Power Supply

Speed Display 

Speed digitsHeight 15″ 
“YOUR SPEED” legend3.15″ Highway-Gothic font 
LEDsUltra-bright, 3-row thick LEDs. Tri-color mode: Amber, Green and Red 
Visibility1.000 feet 
Power consumptionUltra-low power consumption. Average <5 W
Flash rateDefault setting: 54 cycles/minute. Configurable

Radar detection capability

Doppler radarBidirectional, K-Band, 24.125 GHz (FCC part 15 compliant) 
Accuracy+/- 1 Mph, 99% accuracy
Beam width33° horizontal and vertical 
Speed detection9 – 160 Mph. 
Detection range50 feet to 1.000 feet (configurable) 


MaterialRobust anti-corrosive ABS injection molded resin
Size/Weight30″ (H) x 28″ (W) x 6″ (D) – Weight: 20lbs (without batteries) 
Front faceCurved polycarbonate front face, 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting
Waterproof ratingNEMA 4R/IP 65 
ColorUV treated light gray
Temperature resistance-22° F to +176° F (operational in extreme weather conditions) 
User accessExternal access to the batteries, the control screen and the USB port. Secured by two locks

 Configuration of the Radar Speed Sign

EvocomSoftware for radar configuration + FREE updates
CommunicationUSB, Bluetooth®, EVO-MOBILE smartphone application and 4G (Optional) 
ThresholdsSpeed (min, limit, max), anti-racing, flashing, color change (if activated) 
Timer mode(School-zone mode) Alternative speed threshold: up to 2 settings/4 time slots per day 
Stealth modeContinuous traffic data collection with blank display

Traffic Data Analysis

EvographSoftware for traffic data analysis + FREE updates and NO subscription fees ever
SpeedAverage and maximum speed, 85th percentile, distribution per speed group
CountEstimated vehicle count
TypeBidirectional, time-stamped data
Memory storageUp to 5 million vehicles
FormatCharts and graphs in Microsoft Excel and/or PDF form, for easy report printing

Power Supply

Batteries12 V/22 AH Weight for one battery: 13.22 lbs. 
Solar panel 95 W solar panel 
32″ x 27″ x 1.4″ 
w/ aluminum bracket mounting kit 
ACCity lighting (available in certain states). Stationary, powered by battery charged through and dependent on city lighting 

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You’re the one to make the choice!

Our customers are our best assets! We are always listening to the opinions of our customers.

We received our new radar speed sign from Elan City two weeks ago. It only took 15 minutes to install on to one of our posts. All I have to say is WOW!!!! We are so impressed with your solar powered radar speed sign we are in the process of ordering more. Thank you again!

Mr V. Milite

Public Works Director

Hanover, PA
Most vendors claim to practice the ethos of customer satisfaction. I found that at Elan City customer satisfaction is not just a saying but an applied science practiced day in and day out. The customer service department far exceeded our past experience with other vendors.

Chief Joseph A. Sinagra

Saugerties Police Department

Saugerties, NY
Thus far very impressed with the Evolis speed sign. The software is very intuitive and the comprehensive reports that can be extrapolated from the data the sign collects is fantastic!

Sergeant Jeffrey A. Boyd

Hatfield Township Police

Hatfield, PA
So far, the signs have been up for several weeks and we’ve got raving reviews from the local neighborhood. They are very happy with the results of their fund raising efforts and the product Elan City supplied. I would definitely recommend theses signs for rural roads such as ours and will be looking for areas to install these in the …

Josh Patrick

Assistant Public Works Director

Wenatchee, WA
I have been approached about the signs and I have recommended them to other cities in Wisconsin. We did receive a complaint from one citizen because as a result of the radar signs, trucks were slowing down in front of her and she didn’t like that. That is complaint that shows the signs are doing their job and I will …

Nick Reimer

Chief Police

Manitowoc, WI
We were looking for ways to create a more safe environment for motorists and pedestrians. The signs are excellent calming devices, causing people to slow down and drive less aggressively. This is the first time we’ve used them, but we do plan to expand their use to other areas of the borough as we see a need.

Stephen D. Powell

Chief Police West Reading

West Reading, PA
After 60 days of being deployed I am very happy to report that I have not received one complaint from these areas in regards to speeding. I was able to program the signs to display warning messages in alternating colors and could not be happier with the results. In fact the average speed over a 60 day period was 98% …

Shad Prichard

Chief Police

Hollywood Park, TX
These signs ar great. Sometimes you don’t realize you are going faster than you are supposed to. It’s a nice reminder for everyone!

Donald C.


Cohasset, MA
During the first week the signs were up, the collected data said there had been a “serious impact” on slowing drivers down. People are going much slower. We have found it is the greatest tool to warn drivers just how fast they are going.

Edwin Burgwinkel

Chief Police Lancaster

Lancaster, MA
As the main roads are congested during high-traffic hours, some people use side roads through residential areas and end up speeding. The 2 Evolis radar speed signs have helped us to dramatically reduce speeding.

Lieutenant Craig Stauts

Oaklyn Police Department

Oaklyn, NJ
Within the first few days of installing the speed signs from Elan City, we noticed vehicles slowing down at our toll plazas. Installation was a breeze, software was trouble-free and the customer support was excellent. This product is definitely living up to our expectations.

Eric Becker

Director of Roadway Operations Kansas Turnpike Authority

Kansas Turnpike Authority, KS
The feedback has been very positive both from town leaders and the citizens. We move them around town in the problem areas and are always being asked when they’ll be in their neighborhood. Citizens in highly traveled areas immediately noticed an impact. I have had no operational issues. I would highly recommend!

Scott Dumas

Chief of Police

Rowley Police Department, MA
We continue to receive compliments from our residents. They tell us they look forward to seeing the message entering town and appreciate the installations of the signs. They have noticed a difference, the speeds have reduced. We have had neighboring towns requesting information about the signs, to include where to purchase!


Chief of Police

Bristol Police, CT
Our community has been very receptive to the signs, and we have received a lot of positive feedback. We have had zero problems with these units, and we have never seen the units not displaying a read out no matter what the weather conditions. We noticed a dramatic drop in speeding vehicles and complaints immediately following installation. We would highly …

Robert Taylor


Dayton Police Dept., OH
It is going great with all (3) of your signs!  I’m very impressed with the ease of downloading info and the ease of making the reports. It has helped us with several different maintenance techniques to maintain the specific section of roadway. I’m hopefully will be buying another sign at the beginning of next year. Thank you for reaching out!

Jarod Springman

Asset Coordinator

Hendricks County Highway Department, IN
We had noticed over the last few years that people had been driving a little fast in our park. With a lot of pedestrian traffic throughout the park we wanted to find a way to help slow people down. We put in the radar sign, and we have seen a difference. Between the messages and the changing colors corresponding to …

Shawn Hussey

Recreation Supervisor

Winding Trails, Inc., Farmington, CT
We have been a customer of Elan City since 2017 and purchased 8 solar stationary speed signs since and we are extremely happy with the service we received from first placing the order to delivery. Elan City makes this process very easy, and the communication and customer support is by far the best. I would highly recommend using Elan City …

James Walters

Little Ferry Police Department

Little Ferry, NJ
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