EVOCITY is the only LED information display that can operate on a lamppost

Your municipality needs an efficient and effective way to communicate with its inhabitants in real time. The EVOCITY information panel, easy to install and low on energy consumption, helps you to broadcast messages to your fellow residents.

  • Installation and recharging possible on a public lighting pole
  • Excellent reading quality in all light conditions
  • Versatile: offers the possibility to be moved

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Evocity Information Display at a Glance

This communication tool enables you to distribute useful information easily to your constituents. The text is written from a computer, tablet or smartphone and then within a few minutes it is transmitted to the panel. The message will be short and striking, possibly supplemented by pictograms, in order to be as legible as possible. The EVOCITY sign can be recharged on the public lighting network or connected to the permanent current, which simplifies its use.

Readable by day and night

  • Broadcast content up to 8 lines of 19 characters
  • Graphic area of 96 x 64 cm
  • Resolution of 96*64 pixels or 6,144 amber diodes with a pitch of 10 mm
  • High brightness SMD LED (photocell matching) with a reading angle of over 120 degrees

Versatile and easy-to-install

  • Mobile: adapts to your events (fairs, works, tournaments etc.) 
  • Easy to carry: 1100*920*150 mm (W*H*D) and weighs less than 20 kg (excluding batteries)
  • Specific fastener for one-man installation
  • Can be installed on various supports (lampposts, poles, walls)

Easy to use on a daily basis

  • Communication between the log and the editorial web interface via 3G/4G or Ethernet
  • Simple and secure message writing interface

Durable for a long-term investment

  • One-piece structure in ABS resin (durability + waterproofing)
  • Metal mounting in aluminum to prevent corrosion
  • One-year warranty on parts and labor

Readable under all conditions

The panel has a large graphic area of 96 x 64 cm, allowing up to 8 lines of 19 characters to be written. It is made up of light-sensitive cells that adapt to the light conditions and make it decipherable by day or night. This excellent visibility ensures that messages will always be seen, regardless of the weather conditions.


Easy to install, it can be relocated according to your needs

Compact and weighing less than 20 kg, EVOCITY can be fixed to an existing signage system and can therefore be moved easily. It does not require any additional equipment for its installation.

Simplified and secure message writing

This is done through a dedicated and secure web platform, from a computer or a smartphone. Its interface is simple and intuitive, and requires no software installation. Editing can be done remotely, allowing for quick interaction with the panel.

A low-cost, long-term investment

This low-energy panel is connected to the public lighting system and is offered at an attractive cost-effective price. It thus contributes to the control of the municipality’s budget.

Still have questions?

Will EVOCITY’s size be sufficient to make it visible enough?

It is not the size of the screen that affects visibility, but the length of the message it is broadcasting. When a long message is broadcast on a large screen, the letters are small, and the message is difficult to decipher; whereas a short text is more readable and more striking and therefore has greater impact on viewers. We recommend using a small statement, possibly with pictograms for the most effective message format.

The EVOCITY panel is designed:

  • for small local authorities as a standard communication tool, placed in market towns, in the heart of villages, for pedestrians and motorists in 30 km/h zones.
  • for large communities as a secondary communication tool for hamlets, villages, or very localized areas such as waste disposal sites, sports complexes, schools, high schools, universities, village halls, etc.

Will you find reasons to communicate with residents… is it really a useful investment?

The life and bond of a community is also nourished by the information that is transmitted to it, which encourages its inhabitants to meet, to share common actions, etc. You will never run out of news items to share such as:

  • news from the municipality: fairs, markets…
  • news from local associations: general meetings, open house, etc.
  • weather forecast: heatwave warnings, storms…
  • practical information about the town: opening hours of the town hall, library, etc.
  • etc…

How is EVOCITY powered?

EVOCITY is easily connected to the public lighting system and is equipped with two batteries, which are recharged at night (minimum recharging time of 5 hours).

This feature is developed exclusively by Elan City. The panel consumes very little power so it can also be operated occasionally as a stand-alone unit, using batteries.

How is EVOCITY connected to the message writing interface?

The panel is connected to Elan City’s secure web portal via 3G/4G, or connected via Ethernet if it is near an internet box. There will be a maximum lapse of 15 minutes between the writing of the message and the display on the panel.

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