FAQ Evocity Information Display

What is the difference between an information display sign and a variable message display sign?

Both terms are used by our customers and sales team to describe the same product: Evocity!

How do you communicate with the Evocity information display sign?

You can update messages on your Evocity information display sign by connecting to the GPRS network. Your sign includes a SIM card to connect to the internet. You edit your messages on our web platform (accessible from any web browser). The messages are then stored on our server. When your Evocity connects to the internet with its SIM card, it collects the new messages and displays them according to the settings chosen (order of priority, message display timeframe, etc.)

Can anything other than text messages be displayed?

Even though the main purpose of the Evocity information display sign is to display text messages, it is also possible to liven up your messages with images and icons. An extensive library of images and icons is available and is regularly updated to adapt to the changing needs of communities.

How many images are available in the image library ?

Over 80 images are currently available in different categories (city news, community organizations, weather, traffic signals, etc.)

What is the maximum distance from which you can read messages on the Evocity Information Display?

Messages published on the Evocity Information Display are legible from up to 175 feet away.

Is there a minimum time needed to charge the batteries through street lighting?

It is usually recommended to have at least 4 hours of nonstop functioning of street lighting to charge the batteries of the Evocity information display sign in order to ensure that the sign functions optimally 24/7. However, if that is not possible, you also have the option of turning off the Evocity information display sign during a set time period (usually during the night) to save battery life.

What are the dimensions of the Evocity information display?

The graphic surface is 38” x 25.5.” The entire sign with a nameplate (usually with the name and logo of your city) is 43” x 36” x 6” and weighs less than 44 lbs.

What is the maximum number of messages that can be displayed?

The Evocity information display sign displays messages in a loop, one after the other. You can have up to 70 active messages running. It is also possible to prioritize certain messages so that they show up more frequently in the loop than others.

How many lines of text in a message?

The Evocity information display sign can display messages from 1 to 8 lines of text. In the 8-line format, you can use up to 19 characters per line. You can also add special effects to certain lines of text such as scrolling or flashing to draw attention to important information.


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