Chatham Borough Police Install New Radar Speed Signs on Lafayette and Hedges Avenues

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CHATHAM, NJ – The sign flashes the speed of oncoming vehicles, asks them to slow down and then says “Thank you” when the speed limit is achieved.

Chatham Borough Police Chief Brian Gibbons announced Friday that four new Evolis Radar Speed Signs have been erected on Lafayette and Hedges avenues.

According to Chief Gibbons, these signs not only deliver accurate speeds to drivers but also tracks speed, volume, and other data to be used by the Department for resource and equipment deployment.

“I am grateful for the Borough’s support and delighted to deploy a second round of Evolis Radar Speed Signs on Lafayette and Hedges Avenues,” Gibbons said. “The first round included two signs on N. Passaic Avenue.”

According to the police, the newly installed signs will give a gentle reminder to drivers about their vehicle speed on Lafayette Avenue and Hedges Avenue and will warn them with a color-coded message when they are driving at dangerous speeds.

The data collected from these signs will help deploy officers and resources more objectively and responsibly.  Special enforcement details will certainly be ordered when the data indicates aggressive driving and will focus on citing drivers who disregard the warnings received by these signs. “Consider the sign your only warning!”

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