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The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is a highly powerful yet budget-friendly, traffic-calming tool, ideal for all traffic scenarios and environments. Designed for effortless mobility at only 19lbs, fully adapted for permanent placement or portable use. The EVOLIS offers three power-source choices, suitable for every type of project.

This extremely efficient, pole-mounted radar detects vehicles from over 1,000ft away! The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign’s exclusive and high-quality features, which include ultra-bright, tri-color, LED speed digits and the simultaneous display of programmable messages, help correct driver behavior with an average of 25% in speed reduction!

Each EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is proposed as a full-option package including many valuable features. One of the most remarkable being the bi-directional traffic data collection, equipped with intuitive traffic analysis software, which elevates the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign from an effective traffic calming device to an indispensable ally in speed infraction prevention and enforcement. And unlike other companies, this sophisticated service has NO subscription fees and the updates are entirely FREE for life!

From Sydney to Seattle, Denver to Dubai, the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign thrives in any environment and can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions! Thanks to the expert engineering, award winning design and highly-durable, UV-resistant, ABS Injection Molded Resin construction, the robust yet aesthetic EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign can be trusted to operate perfectly in any environment.

Within a dense market of radar speed signs, the EVOLIS stands apart, unrivalled in quality, features and value, attested by our thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Offer your community the best, while saving the most and CONTACT US TODAY!


The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is the most versatile radar on the market, ideal for all traffic scenarios and environments and fully adapted for permanent placement or portable use!

Environmental Versatility:

The EVOLIS RSS is adapted for:

  • All Roads: Roads susceptible to minor or major speeding
  • School Zones: Thanks to “School Zone Mode” which automatically switches the speed threshold and messages to coincide with scholastic activity
  • Industries: Adapted for indoor use, the EVOLIS RSS is compatible with neon lighting, can detect all types of vehicles including forklifts and multiple wagon vehicles, and can be configured to detect movement as low as 3mph!
  • Urban zones: To help residents adjust to newly implemented speed limit regulations and to conduct traffic studies to justify signage and road improvement
  • Rural zones: To help acclimate irregular road users to a change of speed from highways that intersect small towns
  • Neighborhoods: Ideal as a police aid for frequent rotation in neighborhoods in response to speeding complaints, and to generate traffic studies to justify man-power deployment.
  • HOAs: EVOLIS RSS installations will elevate the prestige of a neighborhood, by offering residents a secured road environment

Extreme-Weather Compatibility:

Thriving in any environment, the EVOLIS RSS can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions thanks to:

  • Expertly engineered, fully enclosed and water resistant casing (NEMA 4R/IP 65)
  • Highly-durable, UV-resistant, non-corrosive materiels: ABS Injection Molded Resin construction
  • Specially made accessories designed to withstand extreme temperatures including high performance batteries


Easy to install and to rotate between various locations, and designed to facilitate your project’s particular needs, thanks to:

  • Various power source options for portable use:
    • Solar (fully-autonomous)
    • AC Mobile (battery-operated)
  • Universal mounting equipment: Easy-to-install and to move
  • Light-weight design: Only 19lbs!


Radar speed signs have been proven to be effective traffic calming tools, but thanks to the optimized and exclusive features of the EVOLIS, traffic calming is reduced by 25% on average! These features include:

  • Detection Range of over 1,000ft! The radar’s exceptional range of vehicle detection through Doppler technology increases the duration that the driver is confronted with their speed.
  • Display Legibility of over 600ft! Thanks to the ultra-bright, 3-row thick, LED speed digits!
  • Tri-Color: The speed digits will change from green for compliance, amber for warning, or red for danger, in reaction to the driver’s speed. This creates an immediate psychological response through color association. (This feature can be set to Amber-Only if desired.)
  • Message Display: pre-programmed or customized messages are simultaneously displayed in conjunction with the driver’s speed, to help curb the driver’s behavior and to reinforce the driver’s speed correction. (This feature can be turned off if desired, other models with no text available)
traffic data


Each EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign includes traffic data collection & analysis software for FREE!

  • The radar collects traffic data for both directions of the road
  • Stores up to 1 million vehicles in its memory!
  • Includes easy-to-use software that analyses the recorded information and turns it into charts and graphs in pdf format for traffic reports. The program analyses and reports:
    • Average speeds
    • Fastest speeds
    • 85th percentiles
    • Traffic volume
  • The traffic data can be downloaded using Bluetooth®, our smart phone application or via usb. (All included for free with each pack)
  • There are NO subscription fees for this service and all of the updates are entirely FREE for life! (Please note that radar speed signs from other companies do not automatically include traffic data collection and those that do, impose an enormous yearly subscription fee per unit!)


No need to be a traffic engineer, electrician, or a rocket scientist! The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is extremely easy to install and to operate!

  • Fast and easy installation:
    • Requires 1 non rocket scientist only 15 minutes to install!
    • Ergonomic and optimized design with a priority on ease-of-use
    • Universal mounting kit that can adapt to nearly any type of pole or post, making installation a breeze
    • Logical and simple instructions for installation and set-up
  • Easy-to-use software for traffic data and radar configuration:
    • Pre-programmed settings for immediate use (manual dial)
    • Personalized configurations through intuitive software
    • Traffic reports displaying charts and graphs, all in pdf format
    • Bluetooth® and Smartphone App, for easy up/downloading to and from the radar
  • Tech Team & After-Sales Services:
    • If you need more help, contact our friendly and efficient tech team at


Average product lifespan of 5+ years, with many installations worldwide still going strong for over 10 years!

  • Robust Design:
    • Expertly engineered, fully enclosed and water resistant casing
    • Highly-durable, UV-resistant, non-corrosive materiel: ABS Injection Molded Resin construction
    • Specially made accessories designed to withstand extreme temperatures including high performance batteries
  • 2-Year Warranty: Included with each new radar purchase
  • Warranty Extension: Available upon request
  • Free Updates: All software updates are FREE for life!
  • Tech Department / In-Shop Repair Service: Repairs and upgrades are available on all EVOLIS Radar Speed Signs even after warranty expiration


The EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is MUTCD compliant and FCC certified. Alternative configurations and products, in accordance with certain state regulations, are available upon request.

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Multiple Power Options

Each EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign is offered as a full-option package. Choose from one of the 3 power source choices, each adapted for either permanent placement or portable use. Contact us today, and one of our experts will help you decipher which pack is most suitable for your project!


The EVOLIS Solar Pack

This fully autonomous option is ideal for both permanent placement and occasional portability. The Solar package includes all of the necessary accessories (solar panel, batteries, etc.) as well as all of the standard pack features. Our best seller!



Is designed for permanent placement and is powered through the city’s lighting. This option is ideal for communities wishing to secure one particular road, prone to speeding infraction. The AC package includes all of the standard pack features.


The EVOLIS AC Mobile Pack

Intended for frequent mobility, this option is fully battery-operated while maintaining the possibility of a standard electrical connection, in case of eventual permanent placement. The AC Mobile pack includes all of the necessary accessories (batteries, external charger, etc.) as well as all of the standard pack features.

Standard Pack Features included with each EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign

EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign

Text display: Pre-programmed or entirely configurable

Tri-color, ultra-bright LEDs

User-friendly software for speed and text display configuration

Timer Mode – great for school zones!

Stealth Mode

Traffic data collection for both directions of the road

Intuitive software for traffic data analysis


Bluetooth® and Smartphone App

Pack-adapted accessories (Solar panel, solar panel fixation, etc.)

Mounting kit & battery(s)

Universal mounting bar

Batteries (qty. varying per pack)

2-year warranty

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