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At Elan City, we are dedicated to providing communities with the most effective and affordable traffic calming solutions.

A brief history of traffic calming solutions…

For probably as long as there have been cars, communities and their roads have been subject to speeding infractions and associated dangers. Local governments have installed various traffic calming methods to help curb this problem, from traffic obstacles to the modern day speed bump. And then there was the trailer… the clunky, exorbitantly expensive road hazard that became the unfortunate sole option for any community seeking a traffic calming device.

But traffic calming solutions have progressed immensely over the years, notably with the arrival of the radar speed sign in the mid 90’s in Europe. A very basic model which provided simple driver feedback information to oncoming traffic. Since then, the RSS has evolved to incorporate more sophisticated features and enhanced performance.

Radar speed signs provide communities with a valuable aid in securing their roads through soft enforcement, with proven effectiveness, maintained even after long term installation.

Elan City : our story


Elan Cité, the parent company of Elan City, was created by several technological experts in the traffic calming field, concerned about the stagnant radar speed sign market and the globally escalating statistics of speed related repercussions.

Driven to ameliorate the current market options, that were both basic and unjustifiably expensive, they developed their own radar speed sign called the Evolis. This revolutionary device, incorporating innovative and unique features, with high quality components and state of the art technology earned further merit by maintaining a steep and unprecedented price point difference to any other product on the market. Needless to say, the Evolis rapidly gained in popularity in its native Europe, where the market was already highly developed and this tendency spread worldwide.


Elan City, the American subsidiary of Elan Cité, was created to meet the increasing demand for the Evolis Radar Speed Sign from municipalities and local governments in the US, desperately seeking an alternative to the limited and prohibitively expensive options available at the time.


The Elan City Long Island NY office was inaugurated in 2014 and the company has continued to steadily increase in size, with now more than 40 full time team members.


Thanks to the EVOLIS Radar Speed Sign’s ever increasing popularity worldwide, more than 20,000 radars have been installed in 8,000+ communities covering 45 countries.


At Elan City, we believe that effective traffic calming solutions should be accessible to all communities, and that communities with small budgets shouldn’t have to sacrifice high quality. With this standard we have set for ourselves, we continually work at ameliorating our products to maintain our stature as a global leader in effective and affordable radar speed signs and traffic calming innovations. Our goal is simple and never changing: to continue to provide the best products at the best price.

Offer your community the best while saving the most!

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A message to our customers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Elan City has put into place all necessary measures to maintain our production and services. Our sales and tech teams are available by email and phone to support you in your projects.