Wenatchee (WA)

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“We purchased two Evolis Radar signs after a local group of citizens raised concerns over speeding drivers on a narrow bridge along one of our rural county roads. Similar signs were installed in a nearby town that seemed to be working very well. With limited county funds available, the local group campaigned with local businesses and property owners to donate their cause of raising their own funds to purchase the signs. It took the group six months to raise the funds and donate them to Chelan County. The signs were purchased and installed two days after they arrived. My technicians had no troubles setting up the software and if any questions came up, an Elan City was a phone call away. So far, the signs have been up for several weeks and we’ve got raving reviews from the local neighborhood. They are very happy with the results of their fund raising efforts and the product Elan City supplied. For me, the best future was the flexibility of how the speeds are set and which colors flash. Our scenario included a 35 mph speed limit with a 25 mph advisory speed. The Evolis sign allowed us to set the green flashing speed for 25mph and below, amber for 25mph to 35mph and red for anything over 35mph. Working with the customer service folks was easy and they were able to fit us with the perfect sign setup to meet our needs and financial constraints. They were always quick to respond to questions and concerns and resolved any issues along the way. I would definitely recommend theses signs for rural roads such as ours and will be looking for areas to install these in the future.”

Josh Patrick, Assistant Public Works Director

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