Hollywood Park (TX)

Customer review

“As the Police Chief I am always looking for ways to calm traffic speeding and reduce complaints. After lots of research and price comparison I was able to request and purchase two Evolis Speed Signs for our small city and installed them in two areas where I was getting the most speeding complaints. After 60 days of being deployed I am very happy to report that I have not received one complaint from these areas in regards to speeding. I was able to program the signs to display warning messages in alternating colors and could not be happier with the results. In fact the average speed over a 60 day period was 98% below the posted speed limit. As a result of the calming effect these two sign have produced I have since requested funds to purchase an additional sign. The price and features of these signs are budget friendly and I would not hesitate recommending these signs to anyone looking for a radar sign.”

Shad Prichard, Chief Police

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Thanks to the pooling of technologies proven in educational radars (electronic, mechanical, software, etc.), we offer you a range of complementary products benefiting from the same reliability as our educational radars at very competitive prices.

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