Values and Commitments

Our values

For a safer city


Whether it’s for the installation of radar speed signs, urban electronic displays or passenger information displays, Elan City provides adapted services and advices to make the product durable.

Elan City‘s approach is part of an accompanying logic in the long term where listening and responsiveness to customer demands is essential.

Also, we are committed to give you an answer, at the latest within 24 hours.

Innovation & Simplification


In order to meet the needs of local governments, Elan City conducts a continuous watch on new technologies that can be integrated in our products.


Thus, the features and performances of radar speed signs, information displays and passenger information displays are always optimized in terms of weight, energy savings and durability.


Technological and ergonomic works performed by Elan City allow to renew our offer in a logic of performance and simplification of our products.


Every year Elan City allocates 10% of its turnover in R&D to provide innovative and reliable products, while controlling the cost of acquisition to remain accessible to all local governments.

Our philosophy


Ease of use


Our commitments

Smart design

Radar speed signs, information displays and passenger information displays are all designed as urban furniture in order to fit city environments.

Ease of use

Elan City provides simple products to install and set up. Our radar speed signs, passenger information displays and urban electronic displays can be installed by a single person.


Each of our engineers is specialized in its own field to guarantee you the maximum reliability:

  • 1 electronic engineer, for developing and monitoring the hardware / software and electronic components
  • 2 computer engineers, for developing and monitoring the user software as well as the means of communication with the radar: Bluetooth, GPRS
  • 1 mechanical engineer, for the optimization of the design and the mechanical features (materials, forms…). Our goal: the lightest and strongest device

Elan City workshops are equipped with a production capacity greater than 500 units per month.

Thus, Elan City is able to guarantee the respect of the deadlines and maintaining the manufacturing quality even during periods of high demand. The manufacturing process is highly industrialized (SMC assembly lines) with a production line certified ISO 9001.

Elan City ensures access to the latest technological breakthroughs in the field of radar speed signs:

  • Doppler technology for our antennas
  • Choice of the best LEDs
  • Quality and accuracy of traffic data
  • Communication interfaces: Windows, Android, GPRS platforms…
  • Choice of materials offering always more sustainability and performances: resistance to vandalism and strong weather condition
  • Power consumption optimization

A few numbers we’re proud of:


continents covered


units installed


total countries



A message to our customers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Elan City has put into place all necessary measures to maintain our production and services. Our sales and tech teams are available by email and phone to support you in your projects.