Elan City at IACP Philadelphia

Elan City will be pleased to welcome you at booth 2718 from October 21st-24th 2017. There you will meet our sales and technical staff and learn about new products and updates. Looking forward to seeing you all there!...

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Nick Reimer – Chief Police Manitowoc, WI

"I have been approached about the signs and I have recommended them to other cities in Wisconsin. We did receive a complaint from one citizen because as a result of the radar signs, trucks were slowing down in front of her and she didn’t like...

Stephen D. Powell – Chief Police West Reading, OH

"We were looking for ways to create a more safe environment for motorists and pedestrians. The signs are excellent calming devices, causing people to slow down and drive less aggressively. This is the first time we've used them, but we do plan to expand their...

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Shad Prichard – Chief Police Hollywood Park, TX

"As the Police Chief I am always looking for ways to calm traffic speeding and reduce complaints. After lots of research and price comparison I was able to request and purchase two Evolis Speed Signs for our small city and installed them in two areas where...

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Donald C. – Cohasset resident, MA

“These signs ar great. Sometimes you don't realize you are going faster than you are supposed to. It's a nice reminder for everyone!”...

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Created in 2005, with now more than 12 years of experience, we are a proud leading manufacturer of radar speed signs and information displays,  distributing in more than 45 countries around the world and growing.


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