"Evolis provided us a simple and fairly inexpensive solution for both monitoring vehicle speed while at the same time providing visual deterrent to motorist through their easily deployable radar speed sign. In addition this portable speed sign provides us statistical feedback that aides us in...

"We received our new radar speed sign from Elan City two weeks ago. It only took 15 minutes to install on to one of our posts. All I have to say is WOW!!!! We are so impressed with your solar powered radar speed sign we...

"We purchased two Evolis Radar signs after a local group of citizens raised concerns over speeding drivers on a narrow bridge along one of our rural county roads. Similar signs were installed in a nearby town that seemed to be working very well. With limited...

Elan City was very pleased to participate in this year's IACP conference in Philadelphia and we thank everyone for stopping by our booth! This year, we took the opportunity to present a couple of great new products we have added to the Evolis Radar Speed...

"I have been approached about the signs and I have recommended them to other cities in Wisconsin. We did receive a complaint from one citizen because as a result of the radar signs, trucks were slowing down in front of her and she didn’t like...

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