Tech Support

At Elan City, we are not only known for the reliability of our products, but also for our excellent customer service: 94% of customer requests are handled instantly or within a day.


2-Year Full Warranty

Elan City guarantees parts and labor for 2 years on all Elan City devices.

Set-up and Intallation

To help you to save money on installation costs, all of our products are designed to be easy to install and use.


Technical Support

A team of tech experts is at your service and available to answer all of your questions :

  • product training
  • installation support
  • ongoing support for software use

Software updates

We are constantly updating and improving our software, and we guarantee that all updates are free for you.



During and after your warranty period, you can benefit from full service contracts including :

  • repair parts and labor for your devices
  • automatic GPRS supervision for your set of signs
  • automatic software updates for the latest features

Improve circulation and communication with your constituentswithin your community

Thanks to the pooling of technologies proven in radar speed signs (electronic, mechanical, software, etc.), we offer you a range of complementary products benefiting from the same reliability as our radar speed signs at very competitive prices.

They trust us

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