Evocity – information displays

No civil engineering ! Mobile and multi-purpose!

Discover Evocity information display.

For the first time ever, Elan City offers a lightweight and autonomous information display.

Mobile and multi-purpose, Evocity display can be installed on any existing pole and can be removed according to your needs (events, roadworks..)


Value for money

Available at an affordable price, the Evocity information display meets both the needs of small local governments and large cities.

Easy installation

No software required for installation.

Message edition and scheduling from a secured web interface.

GPRS communication to ensure real time display of messages.    


Thanks to its ultra-bright LEDs, the Evocity ensures an excellent visibility for text messages and images in all weather condition, even in direct sunlight.

Resolution of the display is 64 * 96 pixels, which offers up to 8 lines of 19 characters.



Compact and lightweight (<44lbs), the Evocity information display can be installed on any type of poles, thus making the installation of a concrete bloc and/or additional pole unnecessary.

Energy saving

Designed as a very low-consumption device (LEDs and electronics), the Evocity can directly be recharged by street lighting power, ensuring low operative costs for the users.


Technologies implemented by Elan City have been successfully used for more than 10 years, ensuring a long term operation of the device in any weather condition. Same technologies are also used in our Evolis radar speed signs.


Discover Evolis

Use the Evolis radar speed sign to secure your town entries, schools zones and any areas subject to speeding problems.

Quickly installed and set-up, the Evolis radar speed sign will efficiently curb speeding in any urban areas.

Take action now, choose the market reference for radar speed sign!

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A message to our customers regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 global pandemic, Elan City has put into place all necessary measures to maintain our production and services. Our sales and tech teams are available by email and phone to support you in your projects.