Citea – passenger information displays

Discover Citéa, the passenger information display

With the Citéa passenger information display, informing people on passing and waiting times for public transport has never been that simple!

Simplicity and Efficiency

Installed quickly on any type of poles, Citéa can be easily integrated to any bus-stop.

Connected via GPRS, the real time update of waiting times allows to better meeting passengers expectations and display useful information.

A simplified device control with an open and standardized protocol integrated by most suppliers of SAE / SIV solutions.

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Designed as a street furniture, the Citéa passenger information display offers a compact design incorporating antenna, batteries and GPRS connection.

Energy saving

Powered by a low-voltage 12V battery, the Citéa consumes little energy and can be recharged by solar panel or street lighting system.


Discover Evolis

Use the Evolis radar speed sign to secure your town entries, schools zones and any areas subject to speeding problems.

Quickly installed and set-up, the Evolis radar speed sign will efficiently curb speeding in any urban areas.

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