SIGNAKID, the Child shaped Bollard that protects your children

Child safety is a major concern for every community, so it is essential to incorporate the latest safety measures for any pedestrian crossings regularly used by children.

Luke and Lucy, our child bollards SIGNAKIDs, have demonstrated significant success in reducing the risk of accidents around pedestrian crossings. The realistic shape of the SIGNAKID and their bright colours naturally catch the attention of drivers, encouraging them to slow down.

  • Morphology that systematically challenges the motorist
  • Optimum strength due to rotational moulded design
  • Available in two versions: Luke and Lucy

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Elan City - Signakid - Luke, the child bollard that prevent accidents near pedestrian crossings - US

Signakid Child Safety Bollard at a Glance

Designed to be very realistic, these child bollards immediately attract the attention of drivers who are slowing down. They can be installed near areas where children and families walk: schools, nurseries, day care centres, parks, etc. These sturdy playful characters are generally placed to frame a pedestrian crossing for a safe and educational effect.

Extremely resistant, SIGNAKID child shaped bollards are made up of 7 interchangeable parts, so that only one has to be replaced in case of damage.

Visible to motorists and therefore effective

  • Bright morphology and colours to attract the attention of motorists.
  • Reflective strips to increase visibility by day and night

Resistant to wear-and-tear and vandalism

The 7-piece design of high-density, solution-dyed resin guarantees:

  • Colour persistence over time,
  • Extended service life, with component-by-component replacement if required
Elan City - Signakids - Luke and Lucy, children bollards that prevent accidents near schools - US

Secure and fast installation

  • A SIGNAKID child bollard can assembled within 20 minutes.

Realistic, efficient design to catch the attention of motorists

SIGNAKID’s body shape and dimensions are very realistic. The silhouette, the size and a school bag on the back of the child-shaped bollards contribute to better prevention by visually raising driver awareness. The view of the SIGNAKID alerts the driver to the potential presence of children, while children who see the SIGNAKID are also alerted to the possibility of  danger.

The bollard’s head can be turned to face vehicles. The bright colours and optional addition of reflective strips make the SIGNAKIDs children bollards visible from a distance and under all weather conditions.

Elan City - Signakids - Luke and Lucy, child bollards outside school which naturally encourage motorists to slow down - US
Elan City - Signakid - A child like bollard installed near a city ​​hall to encourage motorists to slow down - US

Robust and future-proof

SIGNAKID child-like bollards are made of roto-moulded resin (high density polyethylene) and reinforced by an internal galvanised steel structure. The resin is dyed in the mass to be washed even at high pressure, making it resistant to bad weather, UV and degradations of all kinds. The child bollard is made up of 7 different parts, so only one element needs to be changed if required.

Easy and secure assembly

It only takes 20 minutes to install the child shaped bollards in a safe and secure manner. Simply embed the anchor rods in a concrete foundation and then fit all the SIGNAKID elements together.

For best results, install SIGNAKIDs children bollards in the vicinity of schools, nurseries, day-care centres, sports complexes or anywhere that children are likely to be walking near traffic.

Elan City - Signakid - Luke, the child like bollard installed near pedestrian crossings in an American city - US

Do you still have questions?

Are these child bollards easily degradable?

The materials are manufactured and designed to be extremely resistant and easily cleaned with detergents or high pressure water. As the child bollards are made up of 7 parts, it is not necessary to replace the whole set if one of the elements is damaged, so this makes the SIGNAKIDs even more cost-effective.

Are the child bollards visible from afar?

Yes! Their bright colours and height of 61.57 inches make them highly visible. This is further enhanced by the reflective strips that boosts the visibility of SIGNAKID child-like bollard at night and in poor weather conditions.

Is there still a risk that motorists will no longer pay attention out of habit?

This type of bollard, which raises awareness of the presence of children, is highly respected and appreciated by families, whether or not they are drivers. Even if it remains a visual warning product, its effectiveness is consistent.

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