New Radar Speed Limit Signs in Scottsboro, AL

Scottsboro radar speed sign

New Radar Speed Limit Signs in Scottsboro, AL

Article orignially published September 14, 2017 on

scotsboro radar speed sign
Scottsboro radar speed sign

Scottsboro AL- Mayor Robin Shelton and Chief Ralph Dawe are installing new traffic monitoring signs installed in problem areas in the city. The Scottsboro Electric Power Board is assisting with the installation of the signs over the next few days.

The signs will be used to help monitor vehicle speeds. The Scottsboro Police Department will also be conducting extra patrols in these areas and enforcing traffic laws.

More signs of this type will be installed on different city streets that have a large amount of traffic and excessive speeding of vehicles.

This new concept is simply a friendly reminder for motorists to slow down and be more attentive to posted speed limits throughout the city.

The new signs will also help with monitoring how many vehicles use the roadway and an average speed of vehicles passing the sign.  This will help police determine if more or less enforcement is needed in that area.

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